Top Rated Classes at UConn

MyEasyClass.com was made to answer the #1 questions students face semester after semester when it's time to sign up for courses: "What are some easy classes to fill my schedule?" Competitors like RateMyProfessors.com are great resources if you want to look up a specific class, but there's currently no solution out there that lets students easily browse through recommended classes at their university. MyEasyClass.com lets you rate a class by clicking one button. Feel free to create an account (it takes two seconds) and upvote any courses you have taken that you would recommend to fellow students. If a class you enjoyed isn't currently listed, you can easily add it by clicking the "Add A New Class" button at the top of the screen. If a class is listed in a content area it shouldn't be, or if it isn't in one it belongs to, feel free to let us know here.